Who We Are

Thanks for visiting Total Customer.  We are an enthusiastic group of Internet Marketers that work with e-commerce Advertisers to help them maximize the lifetime value of their customers.  In the competitive market of e-commerce, Advertisers need to maximize each revenue opportunity of their business.  We help them do that!



With a collective 25+ years in the online marketing space, our team has experienced a number of successes that position us perfectly to help you maximize return on your customers after the initial sale.  We’ve seen what consumers respond to, how often they like to be contacted and the ad formats that produce the highest engagement.  We can inject this experience into your brand and bring an almost instantaneous revenue lift to your business.



In this current crazy world we live in, sometimes values are not often discussed in the business world.  We don’t think this is wise.  We are looking for client partners who take a long-term view of their business and are looking to bring genuine value to their customers post sale.  We will always choose to forgo short term revenue for long term customer retention and satisfaction.



Total Customer manages customer lists for e-commerce clients.  What that means is that there are a number of similar-type products that one can offer customers after they have purchased your product.  So few Advertisers, though, actually take the time to do this.  This is our secret sauce!  We dig into of your customer list(s) and come up with a strategy to market additional products to your customers via email.  This advertising post-sale is done in a tasteful manner and can be branded to your company (or un-branded) in whatever degree you e-commerce owner desires.


e-Commerce List Owners

Do you currently sell something online and have an ever-growing customer list?  If so, you’ve found the right company to partner with!   We will work tirelessly to monetize your customer list you’ve worked so hard to build.  We partner with you and only make money when you make money, so your initial out of pocket cost to engage our services is literally zero dollars.  We have always “put our money where our mouth is” in our online media ventures and we run Total Customer in the same fashion.


Advertisers / Publishers

Do you have an e-commerce product that you would like us to consider marketing to?  Please visit the Become a Client section and provide us information on your offering.  We will get back with you within 24-hour.